Delivering real time operational intelligence

Every minute of every day your machines generate massive amounts of data that traditional collection and collation technologies are not cut out to decipher.

To interpret the sheer complexity, scale and volume of your unstructured data you require a more sophisticated platform that can provide you with a much deeper level of insight. Splunk is that platform.

Splunk captures, indexes and correlates your real time data – from all your systems – in a searchable repository from which it can generate graphs, reports, alerts, dashboards and visualisations.

Data is made more accessible, usable and valuable, to everyone. It might sound like something from the future, but real time operational intelligence is very much for the now.


Application Performance Management

End-to-end transaction tracing

Complete application mapping, transaction profiling, deep diagnostics, real-time analytics, and advanced alerting.

Troubleshooting and control

Identify and fix code bottlenecks, memory leaks, slow database queries, infrastructure blockages, and zero in on third-party web services.



Code level visibility

Get code level insights on distributed applications across servers, databases, caches, queues and third-party services.
Understand the interaction between mobile apps and the server-side.


Purchase as many application performance monitoring agents as your highly distributed environment requires.

Dynamic baselining and alerting

Automatically determine normal performance. Flexible alerting integrates with ServiceNow, PagerDuty, and Jira.  Track and manage both application and infrastructure events.

Data retention

Comprehensive insights on your application's performance.  Enable analysis of release comparisons, capacity trending, or seasonal variations.

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